Curated by Jonathon McNair


Left: Scarlett by Sam Stoich     Mid: Dom & Adi by Sam Stoich     Right: Simone by Josh Farria

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Whats Inside


Personal publications and books are a fundamental step for an artist as it is important to communicate the right messages to art lovers, galleries and collectors. Stature, credibility and elegance are of exceptional importance if an artist wishes to succeed.


The function of Tangible Gallery is tied to the redefining of contemporary art-world values. Throughout history, artists have transformed communities, revitalized neighborhoods and inspired people to think, act, look outward, and inward. Artist have proved to be spiritual guides on how to live, how to creatively approach business and how to take part in the community. We began this series after realizing that there’s space in the market for a magazine that covers bold, often unheralded music, art and culture in an unpretentious, approachable way.


Art is a place, and that place is Tangible Gallery. Our books aren't a museum of what was, but of what is and what could be. We do not merely just want to see or print art; we strive to deliver a product that can hardly be put into words. We want to be united with the art we produce, to pass into it, to become a part of it. The more prestigious a publication is, the more prestigious an artist becomes and many galleries actually require printed publications to help present and promote an artist to their clients. This is the publication artists will read when they travel; take with them on photo-shoots; or crack open before they paint or illustrate. This tangible piece of art is that endless source of inspiration that's needed.


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• Perfect Bound •

Printed on White Uncoated

70# (105 GSM)


Gloss finish



Cultured Visual Arts





Limited Edition

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Gallery Muzik

Music plays a heavily important role in our lives no matter whether our tastes are rap, jazz, hip-hop, dance, classical, rock, or rhythm ‘n blues.


A huge part of Cultured Visual Arts is celebrating various outlets of artistic expressions. Thus spawned Gallery Muzik;


We collaborated with a couple of our friends heavily involved in the realm of music. We probed them with questions about their music careers, and with full creative control, they each createn a mix that represents them as an artist, and individual.

36Neex, Ashley Armitage, Bootymath, Chris Watts, Criddy, DONBTM, Elsa Brightling, Igor Termenón, Josh Farria, KJ$, Monica Kim Garza, Molly Mendoza, Nuglife, Prspc.Tive, Robin Eisenberg, Sam Stoich, Sammy Slabbnick, Sasha Kelly, Sofie Fatouretchi, Soposh, Yarrow Slaps

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Cultured Visual Arts exists as a publishing house originally created to produce our in-house publications.


In addition, we partner with our community offering our full design and publishing services to writers, artist, and self-publishers whom seek publishing, curation, direction, and printing services for books, magazines and trade-books. You look good in print. Lets make your next book.


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